Understanding Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Businesses

Many people have invested hours and money into their website and still have low number of visitors, this is probably because you overlook one important thing which helps boost website traffic known as search engine optimization (SEO). For businesses operating in the…

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Understanding Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for Businesses

Many people have invested hours and money into their website and still have low number of visitors, this is probably because you overlook one important thing which helps boost website traffic known as search engine optimization (SEO). For businesses operating in the local area, Local SEO services are a special way to get them ranked for local results. When a user type in a search term, Google gives localized results first. So it is essential to invest in local SEO for small businesses.

Without SEO, your website would remain invisible and unnoticed, even if your website offers impressive and exceptional services. Regardless of whether you are new to digital marketing or want to get the most out of your online presence, you need to know what search engine optimization is and how to use it.

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SEO is often offered as part of digital marketing services by SEO Canada specialists and agencies such as Dormedia.

SEO investment can be highly expensive, so you should do your diligence and only work with the best SEO company for small business.

Meaning of search engine optimization and how it works

SEO is known as the increase in the quality of access to a website which comes from search engines through organic results. When you get a visitors boost to your website from search engines sources, that usualy means your website has high search engine result page known as SERP.

In order to increase website relevance as a marketing strategy, SEO consultants shows insight on how search algorithms work and also what people are looking for. For this to work, a referral process can include coding and structuring the website, the content, writing of the website, presenting the website, and also solving other problems that prevent search engines from actually indexing your company website.

Note that if your company website is not in any way indexed by search engines, your website would have no chance to achieve high visibility in the search engines. Hence, it is very important that companies that want to highly rank in search engine put search engine optimization into consideration and ensure that their websites are properly and well indexed by the search engines.

Search Engine Optimizer is also known as an industry term that refers to consultants and agencies who help perform SEO process on their customers behalf and also provide SEO services internally. Note that each SEO agency and consultant have different referencing method and approach.

This means that they can use different methods to achieve a high organic ranking for websites in search engines. In most cases, changes to the HTML source code of a website are required for effective search engine optimization. The SEO tactic is integrated into the development and design of the website.

The functional process of SEO has six general phases:

Including business search, competitor analysis, assessment of the current status and keyword research

Planning and strategy:

Contains decisions about managing content, creating links to the website, managing social media presence, and technical implementation strategies


Where optimization decisions are made on the website as a whole.


Where web spider activity, traffic, search engine rankings and other metrics are observed, reports are created for evaluation


Involve the review of the overall impact of the strategy (and its implementation) against the goals of the SEO process


When minor or major problems with the operation of the website are addressed as soon as they occur (e.g. new content that needs to be optimized according to the strategy)

The SEO process mainly targets organic links and the placement of search engine results. However, it is often supplemented by more aggressive measures (e.g. paid search ads) and is often part of traditional marketing campaigns.

How to boost SEO traffic from search engines?
Note that Google is in charge of most search engine traffic around the world, but this can vary from one industry to another. However, it is likely that Google is the dominant player in the search results that show your business or website. However, the best practices described in this manual will help you place your website and its content in order to rank in other search engines too.

Google’s algorithm is extremely complex, but at a high level:

Google searches for pages with relevant, high-quality information that is relevant to the user’s search query.
The Google algorithm determines relevance by “examining” (or reading) the content of your website and using keywords (based on the algorithm) to assess whether this content is relevant to what the searcher is looking for and other factors (so-called “classification signals”).
Google determines “quality” in a number of ways due to the certain number of other websites that refer to a page and a website as a whole.
This process applies whether to national or local SEO Canada services and an expert SEO agency is able to implement a strategy to drive traffic and leads to your business.

The main factors that affect SEO
Google is a giant among search engines and will never reveal the exact algorithm by which websites are ranked. Listed below are the main factors that affect SEO.

Factors that affect on-page and off-page SEO
Content marketing
Before we look at some factors of on- and off-page SEO, let’s look at content. Content effectively attracts search engines and helps your company connect with website visitors. The more relevant and high-quality the content of your website is, the more likely that search engines will rank your pages on the search engine’s search results page.

Listed below are some of the content that you can focus on to help boost your search engine ranking:

  Create blog posts and articles that are relevant
  Create social media content
  Write E-books
  Create practical instructions and tutorials
  Post videos and audio recordings
  Provide information graphics or other visual content

Also note that when creating content for your website, SEO keywords and phrases should be in the right places, because putting the right keywords and phrases would help search engine users get answers to their questions on relevant products and services.

On-page referencing
search engine optimization gatineau, CanadaOn-page referencing is one of SEO factors that happen on your website. Listed below are some of the SEO factors on the page that can help you improve your search ranking:


Title tag

The title tag on each page tells the search engines what your page is talking about. The maximum length is 70 characters, including the keyword that your content focuses on and the name of your company.
Meta Description

Meta description on your website says a little more about the search engines. The information provided by Meta description is used by visitors to have a better understanding on what the page is all about and also know the relevance of the page. This should include your keyword and include enough details to tell the reader what it is.

Sub-heading is one of the factors that make it easier for visitors to read your content, Sub-heading can also help improve SEO. Sub-headings tag like H1, H2, and H3 also help search engines understand your content better.
Internal links

Search engines can learn more about your website when you create internal links or hyperlinks to other content on your website.
ALT tags or image use

The use of images on your website or blog content can boost your page index. This occurs when users search for images for a specific keyword or phrase. Have it in mind that over-optimization is not ideal as it can affect website rank on search engines. The reason is because Google and other search engines will punish your page for trying to use keywords too often in the content.
Off-page SEO

Although you have no direct control over off-page factors, there are different ways to improve the likelihood that the off-page SEO factors will work in your favor.

Listed below are some of the different off-page SEO factors that can affect your search engine ranking positively:


When it comes to trust, Google would determine if you have a legitimate website that visitors can trust. Note that the only and best way to improve trust is to create backlinks that are of high quality from relevant websites.

One of the most popular ways to create off-page SEO is to use backlinks. When it comes to links be at alert for spam sites that has access to your links because if spam site have access it makes it easy for Google to ban your website from search engine.

This is also one of the most important off-page SEO factors. When it comes to improving SEO, working with great influencers is very important because the more high quality content you publish, the more your content would be shared with others.
Although you have no direct control of what’s going on outside your website, you can increase the chances by improving off-page search engine optimization, how to do this is simply creating high-quality content that you know other people consider valuable. With the help of an seo specialist, you can improve your website ranking to get organic traffic.

Understanding the difference between Black hat and White hat SEO
seo ottawa There are two different approaches companies use to optimize their websites for search engines when it comes to SEO which is the black hat and white hat SEO.


Different approaches that is used to focus on optimizing content for search engines only is known as Black hat SEO. What black hat SEO entails is that most organizations do not care about human visitors who search content on their website, rather the organizations do not follow rules that entails ways to improve their website ranking because they want to make money quickly. In short, this Black hat SEO approach creates pages that are difficult to read and often look very similar to spam. Overall, note that this type of approach to fast SEO enrichment can ruin a company chance of creating a sustainable website.

The use of effective tactics that can boost website on search engines and also help build a sustainable online business is known as white hat SEO. The White hat SEO approach focus mainly on human audience who clicks and also read the content of the website. The main goal of this type of SEO is to create content of high quality on a website and also following the rules of search engine optimization.

Note; Apart from the fact that Black Hat SEO tactics can actually help boost your rank on search engines, the downside is that your website might get blocked by Google and this depends mainly on the level of violation your website has committed. If you surely want to build a sustainable online business presence that will generate real and organic traffic over time, the best advice is to go for White hat SEO tactics because it is very practical and also it can help create an effective content that your visitors value and would want to stick to your website for genuine content.

The benefits of SEO to business
SEO offers different benefits, it could be an increase in brand awareness, high leads, increase sales and many others that will be discussed below. Listed below are some of the benefits of SEO to businesses:

SEO increase visitors’ traffic to website.

The increase in the number of visitors to your website can be achieved through SEO because it directly leads to visitors who are actively looking for your product or service.

SEO is ideal in promoting brand awareness.

Search engine optimization can put brand on the world map. SEO can also be used to increase brand awareness for new services or products.

SEO helps to market your brand around the clock

Your website is displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is achieved through SEO without interruption.

Search engine optimization helps in sales

Since increase in visitors’ traffic is achieved through SEO, this can lead to higher sales of your product or service.

Search engine optimization helps strengthen your credibility and your authority

In recent times, it is now easy for consumers to have access to a variety of useful resources to help them find out about their options before going for a service. With Search engine optimization you would be able to create an informative and valuable content that would attract credible customers.

Search engine optimization improves user experience positively

Search engine optimization can help improve the impact of user experience which on the long run has a positive impact on revenue.

Search engine optimization is very easy to measure

This is one of the many benefits of Search engine optimization. Compared to traditional methods, that are only based on finding correlations between advertising campaigns and sales, but with SEO it is easy to see the return you will get on investment.

You can also monitor your traffic with the aid of Google analytic tools, with this, you would clearly know what works and what doesn’t work.

Tips for a successful search engine optimization
Use research intent
Research intent can be the best way to create your content and also a way to structure your website. Research intent is also known as motor motivation for research.


Listed below are the three categories that are commonly used for research intentions:

Navigation: Users understand what they are looking for

Information: Users want to know more about a topic

Transaction: When a user wants to buy or have the intention to shop in the future

Note: In other to generate a positive interest, designing your content and pages according to this goal is very important.

Use relevant keywords
Using the right or relevant keywords that are associated with your company can help boost your website. You can research the main keywords that move through the search engines to improve your SEO. Also note that when you appear on SERPs when you need them, you get traffic spikes and increased search engine optimization

Choosing an appealing web design can boost your website on search engine
In view of the numerous internet promotions on tablets and cell phones, mobile websites are essential.

Search engines also take care of an appealing web design so that pages are displayed and function smoothly on any device. The Google algorithms in particular recognize pages that are optimized for mobile phones and have introduced a “mobile-first” index to clarify the extent of the responsive design. This means you will need to hire an experienced web designer to make your website responsive on mobile and PC. A good way to do this is to hire a full digital marketing agency with SEO specialists and knowledgeable web designer.

Working with SEO Agency
If you want to get Digital marketing services for your business, you should only work with the best SEO company that can improve your branding visibility. It is important to discuss the kind of Digital marketing services that you want for your business. The scope of the project must also be spelt out. For example, you may want a regional or local SEO services for your business.

Businesses that needs SEO services in Gatineau, Quebec and Ottawa area.

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There are a lot of factors that affect SEO ranking which has been explained above in this article, but one of the most important factors to put into consideration is whether your content is useful and relevant to your target audience which is one of the factors to always have in mind when it comes to SEO.


Results from search engine optimization takes time and patience to unfold its magic. The benefits of SEO can’t be achieved overnight. In fact, it can take months for the results of your hard work to become visible.

If you follow the above SEO best practices and you create high quality content to human visitors, then be rest assured that you will continue to generate traffic in years to come without stress. You may also avail yourself of the services of an SEO agency with the right combination of experience and expertise. Whether you want to get SEO in Gatineau, Ottawa or in any Canada’s province, Dormedia is available to provide custom SEO solutions for your business.

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